How is Tuya smart app?

With the concept of “smart home” being proposed, the smart home industry has ushered in a new explosive growth point, gradually evolving from smart single products to the path of whole-house intelligence. At this stage, because smart home appliances across brands and categories cannot be interconnected, four or five APPs are needed to control smart home appliances in the home. Tuya Smart Home has launched a whole-house smart solution based on users’ living habits. This solution focuses on coordinating the compatibility of smart home products of different brands, lowering the threshold for smart home use, allowing users to have more choices and experiences, and realizing interconnection and interoperability between cross-brand smart home appliances. So what is Tuya Smart Home like? Let’s learn about it together.

How about Tuya Smart Home?
Tuya Smart Home uses solutions to simplify trivial things in your life, and can also automatically adjust according to the user’s habits, integrate into your life, and improve your quality of life. There are not only smart homes, but also more Tuya smart selections to help realize multi-scenario interconnection, allowing you to have a comfortable environment and a healthy life. In order to achieve interconnection and interoperability between products of different home brands, Tuya Smart proposes a whole-house smart solution. “As long as one App is used, the control problems of all home appliances can be solved.” Wang Xueji, founder and CEO of Tuya Smart, said that by equipping different brands of home appliances with an intelligent module, all products can be interconnected through one App. Getting rid of the cumbersome usage of multiple brands and multiple apps, it can be seen that Tuya Smart Home is also good, and everything is designed based on the user’s experience.

As a global ntelligent platform, Tuya Intelligence will provide users with one-stop artificial intelligence IoT solutions. Users do not need to know any code. They only need to click on to create their own brand APP in 5 minutes, and complete an intelligent development-free solution for electrical lighting products online in 1 hour and 15 days. Put into mass production, users only need to focus on the product itself, helping manufacturing companies achieve intelligent product upgrades at low cost and high efficiency. “The AIoT platform built by Tuya Smart can become a booster for the transformation of traditional manufacturing industries into smart manufacturing.” At present, Tuya Smart Platform has provided solutions for five major categories: smart lighting, smart security, smart electricians, smart major appliances, and smart small home appliances. Nearly 11,000 products have been intelligently upgraded, creating a modern smart home life scene for consumers. At the same time, Tuya Smart has also opened up mainstream smart speaker platforms such as Google home, Amazon Echo, Tmall Genie, Rokid, and Tencent Xiaowei.

Smart Life APP VS Tuya Smart APP! What is the differance?

Tuya Smart Home and Zigbee Alliance achieve mutual success

In the Tuya Smart event book, May belongs to the IoT cloud development platform, and June belongs to Zigbee. At the end of June, the Zigbee Alliance announced that Tuya Smart, the world’s leading IoT platform, has joined its board of directors and will actively promote the operation of the Connect Home over IP (CHIP) project. This project will further consolidate the underlying ecology of AIoT developers and eliminate development obstacles and security risks caused by technical barriers and communication protocol fragmentation for developers.

The Zigbee Alliance is the builder of open IoT standards and consists of hundreds of companies that jointly create, maintain and provide global open standards for the IoT. The CHIP project was developed by Amazon, Apple, Google, and the Zigbee Alliance to simplify the development process for manufacturers and improve product compatibility, and allows products, applications, and cloud devices to be interconnected through IP-based interconnection protocols. What does it mean for Tuya Smart to join the Zigbee Alliance board of directors? From the perspective of the Zigbee Alliance, adding Tuya Intelligence at the board level and serving as the main promoter of the IP Internet Home project is an important sign of the Zigbee Alliance’s transformation into a multi-technology organization.

Currently, Tuya Smart has provided support to 180,000 partners in more than 220 countries and regions around the world, including lighting, appliances, environmental equipment and monitoring systems. Its global influence and insights will perfectly complement the Zigbee global project. For Tuya Smart, in addition to deploying smart home scenarios, smart communities, smart hotels, smart security, etc. are also areas where it will focus on development in the future. Zigbee technology has natural advantages in these areas. “In the field of smart home, Zigbee is one of the mainstream wireless technologies. It has the characteristics of low complexity, high security, short-distance transmission and strong scalability, and can be embedded in hundreds of home devices at the same time.”

How about Tuya smart home system
When material conditions are met, people begin to pursue spiritual needs. Until the advent of the network information age, with the development of big data, the Internet of Things, AI artificial intelligence, and even the arrival of 5G, it will provide opportunities for the development of intelligent lighting modules. With strong support and motivation, the continuous improvement of intelligent lighting modules has made more and more people realize its benefits. Tuya believes that this is due to the following reasons of intelligent lighting modules:

1. Intelligent lighting modules can remotely control the home environment

One of the main functions of the intelligent lighting module is remote control. The intelligent lighting module control system provides users with remote control functions of household appliances. Even when you are away from home, you can use your mobile phone to check whether the electrical appliances at home are turned off, whether there is any abnormal power consumption, and even remotely pre-cook food, which is full of futuristic feeling.

2. Intelligent lighting modules can improve home security

As a mainstream intelligent lighting module product, remote monitoring cameras have greatly improved the security of modern families. Smart security systems provide users with basic home security and centralized control functions. Through motion sensors, surveillance cameras can already identify moving objects. Some advanced models even include facial recognition systems, allowing users to monitor their homes even from thousands of miles away.

3. Intelligent lighting modules make life more convenient

We all know that Yucheng intelligent lighting modules are very convenient, but how convenient are they? For example, if you install a smart door lock system, you can open the door just by operating it on your mobile phone. You no longer need to hide the spare key under the flower pot. If a relative or friend comes to visit temporarily and you are not at home, you can remotely authorize the door to be opened for them, which is obviously not possible with traditional equipment.

4. Intelligent lighting modules can personalize the home environment

You may have never thought that a simple light bulb can add a mood and atmosphere to a static home environment.

5. Intelligent lighting modules make life more energy-saving and environmentally friendly

Intelligent lighting modules are not only convenient, but also very practical. For example, intelligent temperature control devices that support self-learning functions can intelligently turn on or off according to users’ usage habits. Of course, they also support customized settings to maximize energy savings.

6. Intelligent lighting modules can effectively save users’ time

Intelligent lighting modules are designed to save users time, such as smart kettles and coffee machines. You can preset the startup time before get off work or at night and use them when you return home. It can be said to be a good helper for busy urbanites.

Based on the introduction of Tuya Smart Home in this article, everyone must know a thing or two about Tuya Smart Home. In short, Tuya Smart Home is committed to realizing product integration and system solutions for smart homes, smart offices, smart hotels, smart communities, etc., integrating high-quality industry resources, building its own supply chain system, and providing people with high-quality, technological, fashionable and efficient products. good life. Humanity is entering the intelligent era from the Internet era. Initially, Jobs turned the smartphone into a productivity tool that everyone could use. Now smart speakers, smart lighting, smart home appliances, and smart security are all on the market.

Post time: Dec-09-2023